Come and have FUN at the best Christmas Camp in Madrid 

Christmas Camp starts on December 23rd

Christmas Camp
Camp Dates 2020-21

December 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31  and January  4, 5, 7, and 8.

Camp is at our two centers:  El Viso (Zona Bernabéu) and  La Finca (Pozuelo) on 

How is English More FUN with US?

We offer "real life" FUN! It's about creating magical experiences in English and our confidence is contageous. Our focus is on learning a language to use in real life, not to pass a test (which ahem...doen't work anyways).

Our school is an "American bubble" right in the middle of Madrid!

Urban camps offer an amazing and unforgettable experience and children come back year after year because they feel safe and happy inside of our spaces. We encourage curiosity and focus on developing other "soft skills" while boosting a second language acquisition. 

What are our results?

Happy kids who enjoy their holidays, gain confidence and feel confident when communicating in English.

Campamento verano happy and STEAM 3
What about Covid-19?

We call COVID-19 the virus of bad manners and we are here to eliminate it from our world. We are ready! We are an American accredited center (NECPA) with extreme hygiene, quality and safety standards. Before COVID-19 we had already established a safety criteria such as small groups, daily classroom, toys and material sanitization, frequent hand washing, etc.    

WE followed the CDC standards for reopening centers and we have been successful at staying completely open for 6 MONTHS without interruptions. You can even read our policies HERE  (and share).

This is our own hand washing song for kids. Enjoy! 



How does the Christmas Camp work?

Small groups, of 6-8 kids, so that they can easily interact and participate while being safe.  Our methodology is based on human interaction and eliminating a FEAR of public speaking. Kids develop friendships based on play and teamwork (yes, we also have programs for adult learners).

Throughout each day, the kids do thematic projects, arts and crafts, dancing and singing and even SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY with experiments, We have a great outdoor spaces so most of the day is taught outdoors.

And this year at camp we are innaugrating our  MAKERSPACE!

English for Fun is a place where we learn by DOING.

Some examples of what we do in our Makerspace classes:

  • Circuts
  • Toy take aparts
  • Tech repairs
  • Repurposing electric items
  • Creating board games
  • Scribblebots
  • Lots of other very cool things



What do kids do in English all day?


  • Arts and Crafts Projects

    We use this to develop creativity.

    This gives kids an inscentive to use their imagination. 

  • S.T.E.A.M.M. Education

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Music is the FUTURE and the FUTURE is here!

    We do experiments, long-term and short-term projects to develop our curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  

  • Daily Specials

    Extra sessions of magic, origami, games, cooking, video animation, photography, comic book making and theater 

    And of course more games, music, storytime, vocabulary and interesting conversations!

  • Weekly Shows on ZOOM

    As we are shamelessly AMERICAN, we must honor our traditions of creating excellent public speakers for the future!

    "La asiguatura pendiente ¡Nada!"

    Each week the children prepare a skit for their families and we showcase their on ZOOM! It's WIN-WIN because parents get to see how awesome their kids are doing in our school, and all from the comforts of their office/car/lunch/shopping center. No stressful it's FUN for everyone!

summer camp art and experiments 2

El Viso

location icon grey Calle Darro 5, 28004 Madrid  

El Viso exterior camp

La Finca

location icon grey Calle Proa S/N, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón

la finca exterior campamento verano pozuelo

How much does this much FUN cost? 

Happy kids are priceless! But our prices depend on if you are a first time camper or an E4F "FAN"... 

My child loves this place already (alumni)!
Your price: 

10 day Pack 645 EUR 

Price per Day : 70 EUR

(FREE Specials so the timetable is 8:00-16:00)

40 hours of FREE TIME...oops ENGLISH!!!

We are new campers (NOT for long)!
Your price: 

10 Day Pack 700 EUR

Price per Day: 80 EUR

(We will give you FREE specials too, so the timetable is 8:00-16:00)

* FYI...Grandparents love to pay for happy grandkids! (Click here) for our TOP 10 REASONS TO GIVE THE GIFT OF CAMP to say GOODBYE to 2020!

What is included in the price? (EVERYTHING but a sleepover)
  • Morning snack 
  • Catered healthy Lunch 
  • Afternoon snack
  • All materials
  • T-shirt 
  • Backpack 
  • Waterbottle 
  • Special FIDELITY gift for campers (based on years with us) 
  • 6-8 kids per group 
  • Awesome teachers from all over the world, just like America (a global community is the biggest BONUS)


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