This IS English for Fun

The HAPPY place where children learn in English! 

We're not just any language school. In English for Fun, we know that learning English is necessary in order to have a bright future. In our experience, we have proven that if we make learning a happy and respectful experience, while giving children opportunities to develop real LIFE SKILLS,  kids will not only become bilingual but they will also grow up to be happy adults! WIN-WIN!




  • WE DO NOT believe that doing worksheets and using textbooks to pass a test is the right way to teach or learn anything.  Our English for Fun Methodology is based on S.T.E.A.M.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Music) and experiences are the foundation for our classes.  Babies learning their colors through experiments with water, paint and baking soda. Can you believe it? 

  • We respect that every child learn at his/her own pace and we build other skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills (HARD SKILLS actually) and other important habits to be successful in the 21st century. 

  • WE believe in sharing the experience with all of our community. We have invested in technology as a form of educating Digital Natives and maintaining family communication. We use a daily communication app, Tadpoles, our blog, personalized weekly classroom newsletters, the English for Fun Madrid Youtube Channel and social media to keep our community as passionate about learning as we are. 

  • Our mission is to educate happy kids and that can only be done by supporting parents throughout these uncertain times. 

  • We have always been pioneers in our sector. We were the first to teach English through 5 senses and play. We had the first Nature Park designed as an Outdoor Classroom.

  • The most important things that successful adults have is CURIOSITY.


Plus, we are pioneers in STEAM learning with MAKERSPACES!! We teach creativity, flexibility, teamwork, problem solving and other important skills through hands-on activities so kids become Makers, Tinkerers and Engineers every week in our collaborative space. 

How do I find out more about English for Fun?


Jill Stribling, Owner & Founder, English for Fun

Jill Stribling

Owner and Founder

Jill Stribling is the owner and founder of English for Fun, passionately educating with respect for children for 23 years, and a mother of two THRIVING bilingual future adults. She is dedicated and inspired by empowering children and families through FEAR elimination. Jill developed the methodology for English for Fun language academy and began her entrepreneurial journey as an Expat in 2008 where 5000+ children have successfully learned to live in English. She proves that with curiosity, confidence, determination, resilience and GRIT, anything is possible! You can find Jill Stribling on Linkedin and  Instagram at @lifeforfun_es