Health and Safety

COVID-19 no FEAR!  Our policies are prepared for anything!

Accredited Centers are CLEANER and SAFER

We ARE Different

As an American Accredited Early Learning Center, WE are REQUIRED to guarantee the quality of our staff, the health and hygiene standards and our security and safety protocols. English for Fun is a distinguished center and we have the most ambitious Early Learning project in Spain. We were the first NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) school in Europe back in 2015. 

We are required to have have agreements with health and safety organizations. ARPA Clínica, headed by the famed Dr. Palomo, supports all of our school 's needs, including COVID-19 ing. Arpa is at Darro, 15 and since they are located nearby we have organized emergency testing for our staff and our students if necessary.

We have direct contact with ARPA nursed and a pediatrician to check our vaccination and health records.  We also have several psychologists on our staff so a family's emotional needs can be addressed at any time. Evaluations are done if we see a that there could be a developmental issue. We also have Speech Therapists and Learning Resource Centers within our community.

Trauma and stress are normal right now considering the worldwide pandemic. It is especially common in children who have parents under stress. We ask parents to inform us if there are any concerns and we will support families by finding resources if we do not feel comfortable handling the situation within our school.  


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We Have Always Taught COVID-19 Prevention 

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